Car Detailing

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We offer an extensive car detailing option

from a standard car wash to a full comprehensive detail (mirror like finish/new car feel).

Want the new car feel without having to actually buying a new car, we can help!



A Full Comprehensive detail could include

Engine Bay (Clean/Protect taking into account sensitive part like alternator)

Wash (Body and Wheel are done separately using different washing equipment to prevent cross contamination)

Door Jam (Clean/Protect)

Claybar (remove the small impurities off the surface of the paint) this will make the surface smooth and ready for the other step)

Compound (remove all the small scratches/swirls/love marks)

Polish (remove the white haze produced by Compounding , and leave a mirror like finish)

Wax (protect the surface, increase water bleeding, deepen the color of the paint, and increases the shine even more)

Dash/plastic (Clean/Protect)

Leather (Clean/Moisturize/Protect)


please be aware that a Comprehensive detail is a big job and can be a multi day process.



we can mix and match depending on your requirement, please give us a call to discuss your options.